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HitmanPro 3.8.23 Build 318


 HitmanPro antivirus scanner is designed to work in conjunction with the main antivirus. It uses deep behavioral analysis to find and neutralize zero-day threats, and SophosLabs' cloud-based database to remove known malware.


HitmanPro detects, identifies and removes viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits and other malware.

The utility uses its own engine of behavioral analysis and file cluster examination, as well as an innovative cloud-based scanning technology using the SophosLabs antivirus database. HitmanPro scanner detects and removes potentially malicious threats with minimal impact on system performance.

Can your antivirus handle the latest threats?
A new source of malware can be found anywhere, even on trusted sites. These threats can use a variety of techniques to evade antivirus protection. HitmanPro is designed to work in conjunction with antivirus protection and uses deep behavioral analysis to find and neutralize zero-day threats - modern threats that try to evade detection.

Behavioral Discovery + Collective Experience
Instead of using signature definitions to identify malware, HitmanPro examines the behavior of each file for malicious activity. This approach gives HitmanPro the ability to block the latest insidious malware and viruses before they are identified. HitmanPro also connects to the SophosLabs malware database to detect more forms of emerging threats and trace them back to their source.

Without installation,
HitmanPro is 12 megabytes in size and does not require installation. The program can be run directly from the desktop, USB drive, CD / DVD or remote storage. Even if your antivirus is controlled by malware or ransomware, HitmanPro will work correctly and will be able to detect and remove threats.

Comprehensive restoration
HitmanPro removes persistent threats entrenched in the operating system and replaces infected system resources with safe, original versions, while continuing to block re-infection attempts.
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