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Xara Designer Pro+

Xara Designer Pro+

 Xara Designer Pro + is a powerful and easy-to-use graphics and document creation tool capable of creating everything from high-quality web graphics and websites to highly detailed illustrations and multi-page documents for printing and PDF output.

Xara Designer Pro+

If you're working with photographs, Designer Pro + can handle everything from simple one-click automatic photo enhancement to impressive digital photo compositions. If you're building a website, Designer Pro + can help you create everything you need from simple buttons and landing pages to turnkey websites. If your task involves drawing, then this is a great tool for everything from simple logos to cartoons and amazingly detailed illustrations. And because Designer Pro + works equally well with drawings, photos and text, it is ideal for design work - from cards and invitations to posters, advertisements and multi-page brochures.

Program features:
• The most accurate, high-performance vector rendering engine
• Creation of effects such as shadow, transparency, etc. in an interactive, fast and intuitive way
• Drag and Drop support
• Unlimited levels of undo and redo
• Enlarge images up to 25000% with the zoom tool
• Smooth vectors for maximum quality
• Fast, smooth and high-quality 3D vector extrusion tool
• Set built-in vector and shape editing tools
• Several built-in powerful tools for adding realistic effects in one click
• Unique non-destructive photo editing without the slightest loss of quality
• Creation of panoramic images
• Support for plug-ins Adobe Photoshop
• Built-in "Site Creation" function, which allows you to create multi-page websites
• Creation of really workable Flash animations
• Created sites in the program support all existing browsers and web standards
• Support for a large number of graphic formats (GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, PSD, RAW, EPS, AI, PDF, WMF, etc.)
• Full support for import and export of PSD files

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