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KLS Backup Professional 2021

KLS Backup Professional

KLS Backup Professional

KLS Backup is a powerful program designed to create backups of your important information. KLS Backup compresses information into ZIP archives and allows you to save them to any storage device, including network and FTP servers. The program is quite fast and correct, the ability to create incremental copies is supported. The program has a very well organized task scheduler, and the program interface will be understandable even for novice users!

KLS Backup can create backup copies of files not only from local, but also network drives, this also applies to the Windows registry and FTP servers. It's pretty easy to back up all your important data and files, network drives, optical drives, and so on. You will also receive a built-in program that is responsible for writing the information you need to discs. KLS Backup can back up both open and locked files, the program can be run as a Windows system service, which will give it more rights. In general, backup can be carried out in several modes, to whom which is more interesting, he will choose the one he needs. Of course, KLS Backup keeps a log file, inside it you will receive all the data for copying.

Key features:

  • Backing up files from local and network drives, Windows registry and FTP servers
  • Back up important files and data to local drives, network drives, CD / DVD drives and FTP servers
  • Built-in CD-R / CD-RW / DVD ± RW / DVD ± R / DVD-RAM burning software
  • Back up open and locked files
  • Run as a Windows system service
  • Advanced options for managing different versions of data
  • Data synchronization functions on local, network, drives and FTP servers
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Supports standard compressor ZIP, Zip64, 7-Zip and SQX compression formats
  • Several different backup modes
  • Detailed log file and its sending by e-mail
  • Integrated task scheduler
  • Flexible recovery settings
  • And much more...

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