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SolidWorks Premium Edition 2022 SP1




SolidWorks 2022 Overview

New features in SolidWorks 2022:

  • SOLIDWORKS® 2022 improves the user experience with useful tools such as the new Command Search on the Quick Access Toolbar. Improvements in section views, display of reference geometry, selection sets, and updated notifications provide a clearer and more efficient user experience.
  • Combine the benefits of a mesh dataset, the accuracy of iFeatures, and the enhancements of hybrid part modeling. Build geometry faster with external threaded studs, bi-directional tapers, and mirroring two planes. The improved Structural Systems feature allows you to create weldments faster.
  • Assembly performance has never been better, and SOLIDWORKS® 2022 introduces simplified approaches for working with assembly in lightweight modes. The ability to create array by array provides additional flexibility. The new configuration table allows you to perform more design tasks without leaving SOLIDWORKS.
  • The updated interface for geometric dimensions and tolerances allows you to work faster and more intuitively. Any drawing can be opened in Detailing mode directly from the Large Design View assembly. Weldment cut lists are now available directly in BOMs.
  • Open DXF and DWG files in a part sketch and quickly import even the largest STEP files. Improved filtering when importing IFC files allows you to use only the data you need.
  • SOLIDWORKS 2022 has further optimized the graphics architecture for a more enjoyable work experience. A more realistic image of the carving allows you to clearly imagine the project.
  • New administrative image options improve deployment and management of installed SOLIDWORKS® products. If you have many users working remotely, the new image types will significantly reduce installation time.
  • Animation enhancements such as multi-camera tracking, grouping and reordering, and camera routes provide much-needed features that help you bring projects to life faster. New instancing features provide more freedom in creating and managing templates. The new "Shadow Capture" feature allows you to create more realistic images.
  • Inspection 2022 provides built-in support for SOLIDWORKS® assemblies and drawings to dramatically improve workflows. API support in the Inspection add-on expands the possibilities for automating documentation processes.
    SOLIDWORKS® 2022 dramatically speeds up the routing of 3D wires, cables, and harnesses in a product, allowing you to try out more ideas during design. Improvements to the Bend Radius controls help avoid errors. When used in conjunction with SOLIDWORKS Electrical, you can create more reliable routes.
  • Improved performance when working with large and multi-user electrical projects will save you time creating, modifying and copying your work. Smart PDF tools help improve the quality of your reports. You will be able to get a better understanding of the shells and documents on them.
  • Use the new "Tie Rod" connector to work with a wider variety of physical components. Save time preparing models with improved meshes and contact definitions. Solve research problems faster with parallel processing improvements and automatic solver selection.
  • Save time by loading exactly the results you want to display with the new Scene Plot feature. Find important results in your design with new merged plots that make it easy to see differences between studies.
  • Get optimal results faster with injection location assistant. Advanced sprue shapes allow you to create more realistic calculation models. With enhancements to the Symmetry tool, you can create multi-cavity molds that are calculated faster than ever.
  • Save time previewing SOLIDWORKS® files by accessing all eDrawings features from Windows Explorer. Web2 enhancements allow you to view even more 3D formats and data maps directly in your web browser. Improved readability of content allows you to quickly understand the scope of work.
  • Share specification data with external users using efficient and controlled web feedback links. Integration with Microsoft Office allows you to work more efficiently with the most common non-CAD documents. New integration with the SOLIDWORKS® taskbar allows you to perform more tasks directly in your CAD environment.
  • Extend the power of SOLIDWORKS® with 3D Sculptor, a cloud-based subsurface modeling solution included with 3DEXPERIENCE® Works. Create bionic shapes and complex surfaces intuitively and quickly. Explore designs with standard drag and drop and powerful underlying technology that delivers high quality surfaces.
  • How to unite designers, constructors and entrepreneurs? With the 3DEXPERIENCE® Works platform, you can quickly provide access to SOLIDWORKS® solutions to all users. Improve collaboration, productivity, and innovation with 3DEXPERIENCE Works—it all starts with seamless data management in the cloud.
  • Powered by SIMULIA®, the 3DEXPERIENCE® Works simulation tools provide powerful capabilities for simulating complex physics at a scale never before possible. With structure, fluid flow, plastic injection, and electromagnetic simulation, you have more options than ever to develop better products and achieve your goals. | | |

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