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Opera 76.0 Build 4017.177 Stable




Opera is the new Chromium browser from Opera Software. Opera has ditched its classic browser and is now developing a new browser based on a Google project. Chromium is a very good foundation, and moving to it saves Opera developers a lot of headaches and allows them to focus on improving browser functionality.

Find something new

The Recommendations option finds the hottest news and entertainment from around the world. Find something new in a variety of categories and read articles in your own language about what's happening where you are.

Ease of browsing

Opera's interface combines precision and quality. Opera includes a modern style and powerful options, giving you complete freedom to explore the vastness of the Internet.

Ease of Search and Navigation

Opera has one powerful, intuitive mechanism for searching and navigating the web. Search for information on various search engines and see the suggested results as you type.

Work fast even on slow connections

Compression mode renders pages for fast viewing in all conditions. It allows you to stay online even when your connection speed drops.

Organize Your Favorite Sites

An improved Quick Bar groups your most visited sites directly on the home page. Improved search and grouping capabilities let you quickly access your favorite content.

Don't lose the information you find

Found information that you want to return to later? The piggy bank allows you to save a page with just one click by placing it in a multi-level list. The contents of the Piggy Bank can be viewed as thumbnails of custom-sized pages or searched by keyword


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