MAGIX Video Pro X12 v18.0.1.94

MAGIX Video Pro

The new MAGIX Video Pro X12 makes fast video editing and superb picture quality a reality for everyone. Take advantage of the new

INFUSION 2 engine to smoothly play even the most demanding 8K projects. Experience the new HiDPI interface and powerful tools

such as proDAD's exclusive real-time image stabilization. The fastest way to reach your goals.

The ability to work on projects faster and more efficiently.

Features of the program:

• Significant superiority in video editing

• Import of XDCAM files

• Record video from various sources, such as camcorder, TV tuner, webcam, screen recording and others

• Import and export of all popular video, audio and graphic formats

• Support for MAGIX Movie Edit Pro project files

• Support for external audio and video plug-ins

• Flexible user interface

• Adjustable basic program settings

• Customizable hotkeys

• Hardware accelerated video

• Image stabilization

• Built-in MAGIX 3D module for creating stunning 3D text animation

• Powerful title editor

• Time stretching capability

• 3-way color correction

• Real time audio mixer

• Dolby Digital 5.1 sound

• Synchronization with external devices

• Ability to record to Blu-ray discs

• Batch processing

• Saving to formats for mobile devices

• Export of finished video to a large number of videos formats

Main functions:

• P Support for professional formats: ProRes, AVC-Intra and others

• Proxy editing: No jumps and delays when working with 4K material

• Primary and secondary color correction in three levels

• Multi- editing on 9 tracks simultaneously

camera • Full support for action cameras

• Work with sound as Surround Sound

• Hardware decoding of HD and UHD material (H.264, H.265)

• NewBlue Looks: Highly professional color filters